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# GreatSCT ### An Application Whitelisting Bypass Tool ```python3``` The first screen you'll see is this menu. ![]( Select the payload you wish to generate by name or its number, `help` for help, and `menu` at any time to get back here. For single payload generation you will find the follwing with with values pointing to your C&C to fill out. ![]( These can be set using `set variable value` syntax Or by entering `variable name/#` itself, which gives more hints about the expected value `help` gives more info as well ![]( Once the correct values have been set `generate` to build your payload. ![]( The payload (shellcode.xml in this case) appears in the root directory. The devs should fix this so you can specify an output folder, but they are lazy. ![]( ___ For network testing purposes use `generateAll` from the inital menu ![]( The bottom values are those which are common to multiple payloads. This lets you easily set your C&C values for all the payloads. When it's all set `generate` and you'll find your payloads in ./GenerateAll/ ![]( Apache and metasploit will automatically start when the GenerateAll function finishes. ![]( A script to automatically execute each payload is located in ./GenerateAll/gr8sct.bat. ![]( Download from the HostedDomain, execute gr8sct.bat, and open ./GenerateAll/analyst.csv when the batch script finishes to see which bypasses worked.